Welcome to Puffin Pottery. Create your very own unique pieces of pottery for any occasion. It's great fun for children and adults alike! I can theme the selection of pottery and designs to match your party or event. Take a look at some of our customers' work and be sure to browse the gallery page for ideas.

How it works

1. Choose a theme

As a mobile pottery painting business I bring the party to you! If you provide the venue and at least 8 painters - children or adults! - I will bring all the paints and pottery you need to your venue and instruct party members on how to create a wonderful piece based on your party theme.  

2. Choose your pottery

Choose your party package from my 'Packages' page and let me know in advance what pieces of pottery you would like to paint. I will bring a selection of pieces along for you to paint and I will guide your painters through the creative process, giving ideas and painting tips, then letting them paint their own personalised pieces to make their pottery unique.


3. We fire it

Once you have created your masterpiece I will take your pottery away, glaze and fire it and return to the party organiser a week later.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do you provide table coverings?

A: Yes, I will provide table coverings and ask the party host to provide enough tables for the size of the group painting.

Q: How much space do we need to do pottery painting?

A: There just needs to be enough room for each painter to sit comfortably at the table to paint their pottery.

Q: Is pottery painting very messy?

A: No, there is very little mess because the paints are squeezed out onto tiles a little at a time. The paints do wash off clothes if anyone does get paint on them!

Q: Can the pottery be used for food and drink when it is glazed?

A: Yes, the glaze is non-toxic and food safe so once it is glazed and fired it can be used to eat and drink from.

Q: Do you provide invitations?
A: Yes, there are invitations on the 'Packages' page which you can download and print onto card for invitations to your pottery painting party.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: Yes, I do ask for an initial £25 deposit to secure the booking 4 weeks before the party, and the rest of the balance can be paid on the day.

Q: Do I need to fill out a booking form?

A: Yes, I will send you a booking form once you have confirmed the party for final details and information about the party host.

Q: What ages do you cater for?

A: The parties cater for children 5 years and up. For children younger than 5 years old I can visit mother and baby groups, nurseries or playgroups to arrange hand print and foot print activities to capture lasting memories of your baby's hands or feet on ceramics.

Q: Do you do group events for adults?
A: Yes, My Ladies Nights have been a great success and with a little inspiration from me you can find your creative spark and spend a couple of hours relaxing with friends and having fun while creating your very own ceramic masterpiece! You don't need to have any previous artistic experience. (Minimum 8 painters, pottery prices start from £15). Take a look at the 'gallery' page for ideas for adult painters.

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